Your Christmas or company party in a dream setting


Alpenbrasserie Tafel

Make your Christmas or company party a highlight at the Alpenbrasserie! Enjoy a three-course meal with your colleagues - with a panoramic view over the Tegernsee valley.


Three-course menu

Appetisers - served at the table, to share and enjoy together -
_Ceviche of Tegernsee char
  [ Pickled radish | Chive cream ]
_Wild herb and goat's cheese cream
  [ Sweet and sour pumpkin | Crostini ]
_Hand-cut beef tartare
  [ Crispy shallots | Smoked sour cream ]


Pink roast duck breast
[ Flamed pointed cabbage | Grapefruit | Parsnip cream ]

or as a vegetarian alternative:

Urkorn risotto
[ Mountain cheese | Beech mushrooms | Cranberry ]


White chocolate panna cotta
[ Cassis sorbet | Blue poppy seed crumble ]

Our event team will advise and support you from the initial idea to the detailed planning and follow-up, so that your event at one of the most beautiful locations in the region will be an unforgettable experience.

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