Compliance information

Who is the contact person for compliance?

The central contact person for the topic of compliance is the Central Compliance Function of the Versicherungskammer Bayern.

You can reach them by email:



What does compliance mean and how is it handled at the Versicherungskammer Bayern?

The companies in the Versicherungskammer Bayern are reliable, honest and fair partners. This is one of the foundations of our success. Ensuring compliance and avoiding and minimizing associated risks is therefore particularly important and contributes to the value of the Group.

Compliance in the Versicherungskammer Bayern means compliance with all laws and regulations as well as all regulatory requirements and voluntary commitments with an external impact.

Proactively avoiding risks and maintaining constant awareness of legal risks is just one goal of compliance. In addition, risk control, early warning, monitoring and advisory functions are among the core tasks of compliance. This legal awareness protects the company from economic damage.

For this purpose, the Versicherungskammer Bayern has created a compliance management system (CMS), principles of conduct and internal regulations that apply equally to all employees and managers. These support the long-term development of a natural compliance culture.


Preservation and protection of human rights and the enviroment

Respecting human rights is particularly important for responsible action. The same applies to avoiding risks to our environment. We are therefore committed to respecting internationally recognized human and environmental rights in our own business activities. In our relationships with our suppliers, we strive to promote and protect these rights. With our declaration of principles, we determine how we meet our responsibilities together with our suppliers and describe in detail our human rights strategy in accordance with the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG).


Compliance Procedure

For information about possible human rights and environmental risks or violations of human rights or environmental obligations, we have provided a free complaint procedure in accordance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG). In this way, information can be passed on to us securely and confidentially.

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