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Terms and Conditions for the contract with the Hotel

I. Scope
1) These Terms and Conditions apply to contracts regarding the rental of hotel rooms and suites for accommodation purposes, as well as to all other products and services furnished by the Hotel to the Customer.
2) Any sub-letting or re-letting of the rooms or use thereof for anything other than accommodation purposes requires the prior written consent of the Hotel.
3) These Terms and Conditions apply exclusively. The Hotel does not recognise any of the Customer’s terms and conditions that conflict with, deviate from or supplement these Terms and Conditions, unless the Hotel agrees explicitly in writing that such terms and conditions apply. These Terms and Conditions also apply when the Hotel is aware of the Customer's terms and conditions and furnishes the products and services to the Customer unconditionally.

II. Conclusion of contract
1) The contract will come into force once the Hotel accepts the Customer’s request to provide the products and services. The Hotel may use its own discretion to confirm booking of the rooms in writing.
2) Should a third party carry out the booking for the Customer, such party as the party ordering the products and services is jointly and severally liable with the Customer.

III. Performance, prices, payment, offsetting
1) The Hotel undertakes to hold in readiness and to furnish the products and services agreed.
2) The Customer must pay the prices agreed to the Hotel for the rental of the rooms and for any other products and services the Customer has made use of. Such provision also applies to products and services provided at the behest of the Customer and expenses incurred on the part of the Hotel which are payable to third parties.
3) The Hotel can make its consent to a subsequent reduction in the number of rooms booked, the products and services it has provided, or the length of the Customer’s stay dependent on an increase in price for the room or rooms and/or any other products and services provided by the Hotel. Any change agreed must be made in writing.
4) The prices agreed include value added tax (VAT) at the level current at the time in Germany. Should the level of VAT that applies to the products and services agreed in the contract increase or decrease after the contract has been signed, the prices will be adjusted accordingly. Should the period between conclusion of the contract and fulfilment thereof exceed 4 months after contractual agreements have been made and should the Hotel increase the price calculated for such products and services, this contractually agreed price may be increased by a reasonable amount, but not exceed 5%. The Hotel is entitled to increase prices if levies imposed by local authorities (culture levy, visitors’ tax etc.) are imposed on the accommodation. The price increase is limited to the costs of the afore-mentioned levies.
5) Unless other payment conditions have explicitly been agreed, invoices from the Hotel are due immediately after receipt without any deductions whatsoever. The Hotel is entitled at any time to demand that any receivables accumulated are due and request immediate payment thereof. If defaults in payment occur, the Hotel is entitled to charge interest on arrears of 10% and 5% over the base lending rate to companies and consumers respectively. The Hotel retains the right to prove that it has suffered damage above and beyond such amounts.
6) In justified cases (e.g. if the Customer defaults on payment, or if the scope of the contract is increased) the Hotel is entitled to demand an advance payment, or a higher deposit to the level of the expected accommodation costs.
7) The Hotel is also entitled, at the start of and during the Customer’s stay to demand a reasonable advance payment or a deposit, insofar as such payment or deposit has not already been made in compliance with the aforementioned provisions.
8) The Customer may only offset or decrease payments that are not in dispute, or have undergone due legal process, against a payment owed to the Hotel.
9) No foreign currency is accepted for payment of the products and services furnished.

IV. Providing, taken possession of and returning rooms
1) The Customer has no entitlement to the provision of certain rooms, unless such entitlement has been explicitly agreed in writing.
2) Booked rooms are available to the Customer from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival at the Hotel. The Customer has no right to the room being ready at an earlier juncture. Guests who arrive before 3 p.m. will have use of their rooms as early as possible, depending on availability.
3) On the agreed day of departure, the Hotel rooms must be cleared and made available again by 12 p.m. at the latest. For longer use of the room until 6 p.m. the Hotel can therefore invoice 50% of the agreed price of the room and 90% after 6 p.m. The Hotel reserves the right to make any further claims for damages. The Customer may deposit luggage until departure in the left-luggage room.

V. Hotel products and services not made use of, withdrawal of Customer from contract (cancellation)
1) The Hotel must give prior written consent to the Customer withdrawing from the accommodation contract. With such consent by the Hotel, should the Customer not make use of the rooms the Customer must pay 90% of the contractually agreed price for a night’s stay with breakfast, 70% for half-board and 60% for full-board arrangements. The Customer is entitled to prove that the above-mentioned costs have not been incurred or not at the level for which payment is demanded.
2) If the Hotel and the customer have agreed on a deadline by which withdrawal from the contract is free of charge, the customer may withdraw from the contract until that date without the Hotel demanding payment or damages. The right of the Customer to withdraw becomes null and void if the Customer does not exercise his right vis à vis the Hotel to withdraw from the contract.
3) The following cancellation rules apply to reservations as of 5 rooms:
30 days before arrival: free of charge
20 days before arrival: 50%
10 days before arrival: 80%
5 days before arrival: 90%
4) During a confirmed trade-show period or Oktoberfest, the following cancellation regulations apply to room reservations:
15 weeks before arrival: free of charge
12 weeks before arrival: 25%
9 weeks before arrival: 50%
6 weeks before arrival: 75%
3 weeks before arrival: 90%
5) Should the Customer not use rooms reserved, the Hotel must offset the returns gained from renting out the rooms to other parties or from any other expenses saved. The expenses saved are agreed at a level of 10% of the price of the room/night (including breakfast). Such provision does not apply to periods when trade shows are taking place. The Customer is entitled to prove a higher percentage for calculating the expenses saved.
6) The Customer must pay in full for services provided by third parties, or special services (e.g. cakes, flowers etc.) which are no longer required due to the cancellation.

VI. Withdrawal by the Hotel from the contract
1) Should withdrawal by the Customer that is free of charge from the contract within a certain period have been agreed, the Hotel is also entitled in this period to withdraw from the contract should there be enquiries from other Customers for the rooms reserved in the contract.
2) If an agreed advance payment, or an advance payment required on the basis of these Terms and Conditions, is not be made on time, the Hotel is also entitled to withdraw from the contract. Furthermore the Hotel can lodge a claim for damages.
3) The Hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract immediately in the following cases:

  • Should force majeure or other circumstances for which the Hotel is not at fault make fulfilment of the contract impossible;
  • Should rooms and spaces have been booked due to misleading or incorrect information regarding key details of the contract, e.g. about the Customer or the purpose of the stay;
  • Should the Hotel have justified cause to assume that the availment of the Hotel’s products and services could impair the business operations or safety or public image of the Hotel without the management or organisation department of the Hotel being to blame for such situation;
  • Should the purpose of or reason for the stay be illegal;
  • Should a breach of provision I. 2 of these Terms and Conditions occur;
  • Should the Hotel be closed;
  • Should the Customer have provided information on assets in line with article 802 c of the German Code of Civil Procedure [ZPO];
  • Should insolvency or composition proceedings have been instigated regarding the Customer’s assets.

VII. Liability of the Hotel
1) The Hotel accepts liability for its obligations stated in the contract. The Customer is not entitled to damages. Such provision excludes damage resulting in loss of life, physical injury or injury to health if the Hotel is responsible for breach of duty, other damage based on wilful or grossly negligent conduct on the part of the Hotel and damage which is caused by wilful or negligent breach by the Hotel of typical duties set out in the contract. Any legal representative or agent of the Hotel is deemed equally responsible for a breach of duty. Should disruptions in or defects occur regarding the products and services of the Hotel, the Hotel will endeavour to seek a solution as soon as such matters are disclosed or immediately after the Customer has submitted a complaint. The Customer undertakes to do everything within his power to help remedy the disruption and minimise any damage.
2) The Hotel accepts liability in line with statutory regulations for items the Customer brings with him. Cash, securities and valuable items can be kept in the Hotel – or in the room safe. The Hotel recommends Customers make use of this option.
3) Should the Customer utilise a space in the Hotel garage or parking lot – also for a fee – such circumstance does not imply a contract for safekeeping of vehicles or other items. Should vehicles be parked or manoeuvred on the Hotel property or the contents of such vehicles be stolen or damaged, the Hotel accepts no liability except where it has acted wilfully or with gross negligence. As regards the exclusion of claims to damages on the part of the Customer, the conditions in clause VII 1 of these Terms and Conditions apply accordingly.
4) Wake-up calls are carried out by the Hotel with the customary due care and attention. Should wake-up calls not be, or improperly given, claims for damages are not possible unless the Hotel has acted wilfully or with gross negligence.
5) Messages, post and product shipments for the Customer will be treated with the customary care and attention. The Hotel will ensure such items are delivered, kept in safekeeping – and sent on for a fee. Should such duties not be or improperly carried out, claims for damages are not possible unless the Hotel has acted wilfully or with gross negligence.
6) All claims made to the Hotel reach the statute of limitations one year after the commencement of the standard statute of limitations specified in article 199, section 1 of the German Civil Code [BGB] which depends on the point at which the party making the claims becomes aware of the circumstances concerned. Contingent upon the point at which the party making the claims becomes aware of the circumstances concerned, claims for damages reach the statute of limitations five years from the period at which the event giving rise to the claims for damages occurred. There is no reduction in the statute of limitations for claims asserted which are based on a wilful or grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of the Hotel or its agents, or which are based on loss of life, physical injury and damage to health.

VIII. Liability on the part of the Customer
1) If the Customer smokes in a non-smoking room, he must pay the Hotel a contractual penalty of €200.00.
2) The Hotel points out that inventories have been made of all objects in the rooms (including decoration). Should the Hotel notice that items in the room are missing directly after the room has been returned to the Hotel, the Hotel is entitled to invoice the Customer for the costs of repurchasing such items. Furthermore, the Hotel retains the right to lodge claims for damages with the Customer for vandalised and very dirty rooms or other spaces.

IX. Pets
1) No pets are allowed in the Hotel.
2) Dogs may only be accommodated in special rooms for a fee to be agreed following written consent by the Hotel.
3) Dogs are not allowed in the restaurants and the spa.

X Final provisions
1) Amendments or supplements to the contract on renting hotel rooms, or to these Terms and Conditions for the contract with Hotel Tegernsee must be made in writing. Such provision also applies to the amendment of this requirement for the written form. Unilateral amendments or supplements on the part of the Customer are null and void.
2) Place of performance and payment is Tegernsee, Germany.
3) Sole venue for businesses, also for disputes involving cheques and bills of exchange, is Munich, Germany. If a contracting party fulfils the conditions set out in article 38, section 2 of the German Code of Civil Procedure [ZPO] and has no other venue in its own country, the venue is Munich, Germany.
4) German law shall apply exclusively. The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) does not apply.
5) Should certain provisions of these Terms and Conditions for the contract with the Hotel be or become null and void, the validity of the remaining conditions will not be affected. Otherwise the statutory regulations apply.

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